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Scott Fenstermaker is a 54-year-old criminal defense and tax litigation attorney based and residing in Manhattan. An honors graduate of both the United States Air Force Academy and Harvard Law School, Mr. Fenstermaker is decorated veteran of the United States Air Force, a graduate of the United States military’s prisoner of war training, holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the the University of Washington, a Masters of Public Administration Degree from the University of Oklahoma, and an advanced law degree in Federal and State tax law from New York University Law School.

Mr. Fenstermaker’s interest in public service began with his decision to attend the United States Air Force Academy, where he graduated in the top two-percent of his class and was selected by the Academy’s administration to compete for a Rhodes Scholarship during his senior year. As an active duty Air Force officer, Mr. Fenstermaker worked ensuring the survivability of Air Force weapons systems in a nuclear warfare environment. While at the Air Force Academy and while on active duty, Mr. Fenstermaker honed his leadership skills, serving in a number of cadet leadership positions at the Academy and as a special assistant to the commander of a 3,000-person military logistics unit at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

Immediately after leaving the Air Force, Mr. Fenstermaker attended Harvard Law School, where he was in the class that was one year behind President Obama. Mr. Fenstermaker began his criminal defense career while a second year student at Harvard and tried his first criminal defense trial as a third-year student, successfully defending his client from drug possession charges. With the assistance of Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., the current District Attorney of Manhattan, Mr. Fenstermaker secured a highly-coveted position as an assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, where Mr. Fenstermaker served for four years.

Mr. Fenstermaker represented detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for six years. All of his Guantanamo Bay-based clients were held in Camp 7, the top secret detention facility for those prisoners formerly held in the CIA’s so-called “Black Site” prison system. His success in securing some of the most high-profile detainees held at Guantanamo Bay as clients led to his suspension from practicing before the military commissions, the war crimes tribunals that the United States is attempting to prosecute at Guantanamo Bay. The military officer who was ostensibly responsible for Mr. Fenstermaker’s suspension was rewarded for his misconduct by receiving a seat on the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana, where he sits to this day.

With the help of the voters of New York’s 13th Congressional District, Mr. Fenstermaker hopes to continue his public service as a member of the New York delegation to the United States House of Representatives. He hopes to focus his efforts on economic development, housing, public transportation, national security, and government transparency.


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